About Us

Culture Collective: Turku began as a second thought one Saturday night, but quickly grew into a reality.

It occurred to us that there was a need for an English-language platform focusing on the exciting, varied, and growing cultural life of Turku. So, as a group of students and friends, we faced up to the challenge and created CC:TKU.

The concept behind CC:TKU is to publish multiple articles simultaneously- more like an online magazine than a blog. Our readers can check in with us every few weeks and find a variety of new content. We’ll keep you updated on our publishing schedule via Facebook and Instagram.

You can get to know the individuals behind CC:TKU a bit better here.

We want to write about things that we are interested and involved in, because these are the things that we will write about best. It’s important to us that CC:TKU is a collection of voices: everyone has their own style and perspectives, and we see that as something to celebrate!

We hope that this becomes a platform for locals and visitors alike to discover new events, businesses, and organisations in this amazing little city.

Because we love Turku. And we believe in sharing what we love.