CLU TKU: Escapism at Its Best

Words and photos by Liisa Myllymäki

CLU TKU can be found at Yliopistonkatu 23A (next to Hansa-kortteli) or online at:

Everyone likes to play games – when we were children all we did was play with our friends. Unfortunately, when we grow up there are fewer opportunities to do so, and life becomes more about following everyday routines. However, escape rooms offer an opportunity for adults to play again, to escape from routine and let your imagination run free.

Escape rooms are- as the name suggests- literally about a group of people escaping from rooms by solving different puzzles. More than that, they’re an experience that gets your adrenalin pumping and your creativity flowing, while bringing a room and a story to life around you. You forget about time passing, you become untethered from life outside of the room, and you just have fun.

In Turku there are over twenty escape rooms, which shows how popular they are even in our small city. Heta Pyhäjärvi from CLU TKU thinks that one of the reasons for the popularity is that escape rooms are suitable for everyone – you don’t need a special skillset in order to try one out.

CLU TKU hosts three escape rooms with different concepts in the heart of Turku, all offering the opportunity to travel through time. Each room is designed to challenge your thinking, awaken your curiosity and to immerse yourself in the moment, which they certainly do.

Some of the CC:TKU team got the chance to travel through time and solve one of the rooms. During the hour that was given to us, time went quicker, emotions ran high and we had so much fun that we couldn’t help but talk about the experience for days. Even though we failed at escaping the room – though we’re convinced that ten more minutes would’ve done the trick – it didn’t lessen the experience. In fact, Heta tells me that the rooms are designed so that not everyone can escape it.


1. Be curious about everything in the room
2. Be open-minded – an object might have different uses than what you would expect
3. Relax – it’s fun!

Having fun is the main point of CLU TKU’s escape rooms, according to Heta, and it definitely shows. From the first moment you step into the space you feel that you have travelled back in time. The introduction you’re given to each room makes you relaxed and alert at the same time, a feeling that continues on throughout the experience as you focus on the task at hand and forget about everything else.

Furthermore, escape rooms are a great way to get to know your friends, co-workers or complete strangers. Heta emphasises the fact that no one can solve a room by themselves – you have to rely on your team members. Therefore, it is a great way to break the ice between work groups, or discover different ways of thinking amongst your friends. CLU TKU does everything from small groups, to corporate events and even weddings.

The only downside is that after you have tried to escape a room, you’re unable to escape it again. Unless, of course, you want to impress a date with your wit – which Heta tells me has been known to happen.

Photo by CLU TKU
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