Coffee in Turku: Different Cups

Words and photos by Roos Hekkens

It is no secret that I love to drink coffee, and while there are many places where you can go for a coffee in Turku, options become a bit limited when you want a certain quality in your cup.

In April local publication Turkulainen held a public vote on the best coffee places in Turku. The results frustrated me and it made me think about my idea of what makes a good coffee.

In my opinion coffee is not about competition. What is important is the quality of the coffee, which is controlled by the farmer of the beans, followed by the roaster and finally the barista. Besides that, the experience you enjoy the coffee in, is what make me want to go out to get it. Everyone has their personal understanding of what makes a good taste. To get to know what you like, you have to explore those taste and try different flavours.

To get inspiration from some of those taste explorers, I asked people that have a certain experience with coffee in Turku where they enjoy their cup of coffee the most.

Annika Hotti and Eetu Korhonen, are the owners of Oy Ripaus Ab and coffee bike Kaffillari.

#1 Home
It’s so rare nowadays that we have the time to enjoy a coffee at home that it is even more important than before to appreciate it. We have several different ways of brewing that we can practice and experiment with at our place.

#2 Padolla (Valkkimyllynkuja 2)
For us there are three important things in a café: the quality of the products, customer service and the overall interior of the place. At Padolla all three are well executed and the location is right outside the city and straight into the nature.

#3 Café Victor (Aurakatu 26)
We are really proud to have run Café Victor since the beginning of 2018. Since we spend a lot of time at the café we drink coffee here ourselves too. The Art Museum building is very beautiful and the park outside makes the surroundings nice and calm. It is a great opportunity to serve quality coffee to the museum visitors, but we hope people will find the café for its own character too!

Café Victor

Samuli Pääkkönen worked as a coffee roaster at Turun Kahvipaahtimo and also spent some time roasting at The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark.

#1 Home
Since there are not too many good coffee shops in town that do speciality coffee, I prefer to brew my own coffee. I use beans by quality driven speciality coffee roasters, mainly from abroad.

#2 Leipomo Gryn (Kauppiaskatu 4)
They do quality sourdough bread and patisserie but also brew really nice batch brew on Fetco brewer, with coffee roasted by Helsinki’s Good Life Coffee. Tasty stuff!

#3 Café Victor
Friends with good intentions are looking to shake things up in Turku, having taken over the café at Turun Taidemuseo. I live right around the corner so it’s a no brainer. Dogs are welcome too!

Leipomo Gryn

Helka Ikonen has worked at Gaggui Kaffela and Café Art, and was named Barista of the Year in 2014.

#1 Gaggui Kaffela (Humalistonkatu 15A)
What I’m interested in when I go out for coffee is the chance to enjoy a very good cup. Therefore all the places where I like to drink my coffee use high-quality coffee beans roasted by small roasteries. At Gaggui their cakes are always a welcome addition.

#2 Leipomo Gryn
At the places I go, you can taste and buy home coffee from a few different roasteries. Leipomo Gryn has a nice selection, and besides their quality filter coffee I also love the pastries, bread, staff and setting.

#3 Padolla
Coffee becomes even better when you can enjoy it in a special environment. At Padolla there is a great terrace which allows you to experience the summer vibes, and they also rent SUP boards, canoes and kayaks!

Café Victor

Hopefully these insights give some idea of where to go for a special coffee experience in Turku. Even though the places for a good cup are scarce, there are people in town that know what they like and want to share their experience and expertise. Enjoying a coffee always gets even better in good company.

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